Hey….. You….. @Jayy_Nora

……………………………….F U C K…………..Y O U !

Me & My Neice Tori Mariah

Me & My Neice Tori Mariah

Bad-Ass Barbie…..

Bad-Ass Barbie…..

That Moment When Ur Like “I’d Hit!”  →

That Moment When Ur Like “I’d Hit!” →

Feel Inside

  • Mary J. Blige (feat.Nicki Minaj(
Proud Of Team Minaj (Part I)

I Think That By Not Talking To Us Nic, You’ve Brought Team Minaj TOGETHER! I Saw Examples Of This Earlier. My Twitter Feed Was Full Of Cooperation For The First Fandemonium Task And We ROCKED IT TOGETHER! A lot Of Us Miss You But We Do Know This Is Our Punishment, We Worked Together As A Team Today And Proved To Ourselves That With Éachother We CAN Accomplish A LOT! We LOVE You Nicki & I Can Only Say THANK YOU For Punishing Us Because We’ve Become The Family We were Supposed To Be. No Other Artist Has Done What You’ve Done, You Created A Family That’s Sweet, But We’ll Cut Off Necks For Our Dearest Nicki. Team Minaj Is A Team But We Were In Cliques. Today With You Not Even Tweeting The Link To Get Votes For The Fandemonium Challenge Forced Us To Work As A Team, Which Pulled Us Into A F A M I L Y!
We Love & Miss You Nic,
Team Minaj

Yeah, Um.

You Fake (-_-)

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